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A few years ago, it was still completely unknown in Europe, but now it has been taken from the Everyday life almost no more not to be excluded: The and more and more people are taking advantage of it for a variety of reasons. But the e-cigarette is actually a invention that is already more than fifty years old . They dream of your own e cigarette? Then it's time that you Make your dream come true. With us in the E-Zigaretten Shop we offer to you different models and also the suitable accessories to the purchase. We offer you starter sets from Joyetech, Aspire, Kangertech, Eleaf, SMOK and many more - with us you can conveniently online your buy electric cigarette. Do you still need an appropriate consultation? We are a specialized provider for E-cigarettes and Liquids and offer you everything for the Entry into the "steamer world".

Buy online Vape and E-Liquids from VIP Sisha

Vape and e-cigarettes are the latest trend, and this is of course also available from VIP-SHISHA. are well represented. Here you will find the hottest vaporizers, the are powerful, safe and durable. All accessories are also available from us. Whether chargers or high quality batteries, liquids with different and sets for beginners and advanced players, we offer you a great variety of Number of well-known brands - for even more fun and enjoyment with Vapen. We place great value on the longevity of the rechargeable batteries and the light weight of our products. Usability. Topfilling systems, which do not allow the leakage of the liquids Giving more chance is a big issue here.

E-cigarettes - the electronic cigarettes with VIP SHISHA order

E-Cigarettes consist of a mouthpiece and an electric evaporator. They are equipped with a rechargeable battery and a cartridge, which is conveniently equipped with Liquids, the to fill with mostly flavoured liquids. As soon as the mouthpiece is pulled, this liquid evaporates and there is no smoke, but steam. This smells very intensely of the respective fragrances and becomes many times more pleasant. than conventional cigarette smoke. Because e-cigarettes steam similarly and taste similarly sweet as Shishas, many who like Smoking water pipes, e-cigarettes and vapes. But also former Smokers who wish to renounce this vice are from e-cigarettes on VIP SHISHA ...enthusiastic.

Vaporizer, chargers, Akkuträger and batteries - everything from the world of the EZigaretten

You will find evaporator heads, rechargeable batteries and long-life batteries on VIP-SHISHA, as well as the right liquids that make steam steam a special attraction. These E-Liquids are available in many flavours and aromas, naturally exclusively from well-known brands and brands. Whether blueberry or apple crumble, Rice Pudding or Tropical Island, here you can let your imagination run wild and get through try the multi-facetted offer. Cheap liquids in sheer infinite taste nuances you will find in our assortment, so that you are guaranteed to find yourself in the the seventh Vape heaven. The Liquids are unbeatable cheap, convince with high quality and bring variety into your everyday life.