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Shishas are becoming more and more popular in Germany. These are water pipes, which can be smoked with water pipes tobacco in various flavors. Meanwhile there are in most places so-called Shisha-Bars, in which one can go, in order to sit together with friends and acquaintances and have with the common Shisha smoking a good time. The bars always have a large selection of shisha tobacco and leave little to be desired. An important partner of many bars is Vip-Shisha.de. On the Internet side one can purchase everything approximately around the popular Shisha, begun with various models at water pipes, both for beginners and for professionals. In the Shisha-Shop you will quickly find what you are looking for and you will always find the perfect water pipe. Besides the Shop offers each quantity accessories and naturally a large selection of Shisha Tobacco . Also newcomers get their money’s worth in the Shisha Shop, thanks to the detailed article descriptions and additional information of the site. Additionally the Shisha Shop maintains an exciting Blog to the water pipe culture.

But where does the Shisha actually come from? Its origin is assumed to be either in ancient Iran or in northwestern India. As it is used today, it had its beginnings in the 15th or 16th century in the Persian Empire. The community culture that developed from this is still cultivated today and is finding its way more and more into the western world. The common smoking of a water pipe is regarded in many cultural circles as a symbol of hospitality and is therefore an indispensable part of everyday life.

The special Shisha tobacco differs from conventional tobacco in that it is moist and consists of a mixture of raw tobacco, molasses and glycerine. Flavoured tobacco is smoked in many different flavours, especially in Europe. One of the most popular varieties is double apple. Other popular varieties include cherry, mint, orange, mango, vanilla, banana, caramel, coconut, multifruit, rose, grape, peach, melon and cola. And new varieties are constantly being created. Even very exotic varieties such as basil or beer are now on the market. It is well known that tastes can be argued about…

Currently there are about 30 major manufacturers of flavoured Shisha tobacco. While in Western countries the popularity of flavoured tobacco is high, in Arab countries the stronger but not flavoured shisha tobacco is often smoked. Of course you can also find this in the Shisha-Shop.

If you have decided on a tobacco and want to smoke a water pipe, you first have to fill water into the designated container. Then the tobacco head is filled with tobacco and this is covered with either a metal sieve or aluminium foil. The red-hot charcoal will be put on this later. By this the humidity contained in the water pipe tobacco is heated with the flavour materials and evaporates. The tobacco is not smoked directly, because it does not burn. If you now suck the shisha at the mouthpiece, a negative pressure is created which causes the mixture of air, vapour, smoke particles and flavourings created by heating the tobacco to be drawn in.

So it is not so complicated and can be done without problems at home as a beginner. A visit to the shisha shop is enough to be perfectly equipped for the first time.

Short summary:
If it concerns Shishas VIP-Shisha.de is the correct address around water pipes and Shisha tobacco to order. In the Shisha Shop you find all well-known brand manufacturers, the dispatch is fast and the prices are favorable.

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