Smokah Fua X Shisha – Carbon Silber


A simple water pipe in white and silver, which makes the daily Shisha enjoyment a real pleasure.
The practical click closure, as well as the 4 hose connections with 18/8 grinding, and the Closed Chamber system bring clear advantages in smoking pleasure.

+ Height including head set: approx. 64 cm
– Height including head adapter: approx. 50 cm
– Ash plate diameter: approx. 20 cm
– Height glass bowl: approx. 22.5 cm
– Diameter of stand area: approx. 19.5 cm

Included Accessories:

  • click closure
  • closed-chamber system
  • Stainless Steel/Carbon Smoke Column
  • 4 hose connections (stainless steel, 18/8 ground joint)
  • Ash plate (stainless steel)
  • coal tongs
  • Chimney head set
  • silicone tube with anti-kink spring
  • mouthpiece (carbon optics)

Delivery time: 1-3 days

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